Bateel Celebrates 25 Years of Gourmet Excellence

Bateel marks its 25th year anniversary with celebrations starting from 1 May 2016. Beginning in agriculture with its date palm groves at Al Ghat, Saudi Arabia, Bateel is now an internationally recognised conglomerate with boutiques and cafes across the globe, from London to Jakarta. Synonymous with reinventing and elevating the date to a gourmet product, Bateel has since grown to become an admired gourmet food brand, renowned globally for culinary excellence.

Dr. Ata Atmar, Managing Director, Bateel International, commented on this occasion: “Bateel is an ancient Arabic word for ‘a young offshoot of a date palm’ and like our namesake, our company has grown tremendously over the years. 2016 is an important year for Bateel as we are expanding our presence across the GCC region, as well as celebrating an impressive 25 years since the launch of our first boutique. I believe the success of the brand to date can be credited to our focus and emphasis on authenticity, quality, and innovation.”


Bateel’s Owner and Chairman, Dr. Ziad Al Sudairi, encountered Atmar in 1989 and asked him to help build Bateel by marketing dates like Premium Swiss chocolates. Atmar shares, “At that time dates were just a standard commodity in supermarkets. We essentially introduced and developed a new concept, which did not exist before.”

The essential element in creating the gourmet market for dates was the elevation of quality to new heights by introducing innovation in farming and processing methods. Bateel has invested significantly in state-of-the-art cleaning and storage technology and strictly adheres to organic farming practices, using cultivation techniques that are as close to nature as possible and without the use of chemicals. Equally important has been creating a marketing platform to achieve a high degree of product differentiation to generate the desirability and pricing power required to transform a commodity to a luxury branded product line.

The first Bateel boutique opened in Riyadh, the Saudi capital, and shortly after the product portfolio was expanded to include premium quality chocolates and fine foods. Taking the brand a step further, Café Bateel was launched in Dubai in 2007, introducing a new concept in casual dining: celebrating Mediterranean fare, curated by Bateel.


Today Bateel boutiques and cafés can be found in numerous locations around the world. Customers can also enjoy a one of a kind gourmet experience at Bateel’s first flagship store. The expansive venue, which opened last year, brings three Bateel elements together under one roof – the boutique, café and bakery.

Behind the established and well-respected company is a team of over 1,400 people representing 42 nationalities, who, over the years, have selflessly contributed to building a world class brand. Additionally, an equal employer, Bateel is proud to have a number of women holding senior management positions, across departments such as retail and marketing.


2016 marks an impressive year of growth for Bateel, with 20 new boutique and café openings scheduled across the GCC region. February saw the opening of Café Bateel Olaya, in Riyadh’s prestigious district, and further openings are scheduled in new markets such as Kuwait, Oman and Qatar in the coming months.

Innovation is at the heart of Bateel. Customers have already been able to enjoy a new range of chocolate tablets, which was introduced to the market earlier this month, and can look forward to a new line of gourmet tea in the summer. Additionally, Café Bateel will continue introduce new seasonal menus each quarter, with a focus on wholesome and nutritious dishes.

As the holy month approaches, Bateel is pleased to unveil its premium and elegant Ramadan offering. From exquisite trays, to ornate silver platters, the collection is truly reflective of the brand’s Arabian heritage and pays tribute to the tradition of gift-giving during the festive period. Starting from AED 105, the Ramadan collection will be available across all branches in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait from 1 June onwards.

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