Bateel brings new meaning to the art of gift-giving. Each gift bearing the Bateel name echoes a long tradition of gift offering and is a reflection of thoughtfulness and impeccable taste. Our wide selection of luxurious and traditional packaging offers suitable choices for all occasions, whether for family, friends or business associates. Each package awaits your selection of gourmet chocolates, dates or cookies.

To learn more about our full range of products, download the Bateel Gift Catalogue 2016 | 2017.

Download the Bateel Seasonal Gift Catalogue 2016 | 2017.

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Bateel’s extensive range of luxury carton and wood boxes caters to a variety of personal or seasonal occasions. Each luxurious box comes in a selection of convenient gift sizes and can be filled with an assortment of premium Bateel chocolates or dates.



For larger gifts, Bateel offers elegant and luxurious trays and hampers, which are perfect for your choice of premium dates, chocolates or an assortment of Bateel gourmet delicacies.



For holidays like Eid, Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas, Bateel offers an ever-changing selection of delightful gift packaging thoughtfully updated and designed to suit the festivity.

For personal occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays, you can choose from a wide variety of luxurious Bateel packaging.



Bateel offers a special range of luxury wood and carton boxes, which can be branded as corporate or personal gifts. Each box can be customised to reflect your logo, brand or monogram and can be filled with your choice of gourmet products.

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