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A powerhouse of flavour, dates are also versatile as an ingredient for dishes, sweet and savoury alike. Diced, chopped, made into syrup or juice, dates can add a new flavour to any creation. You can: Stuff them - Candied fruits and nuts are great for stuffing into pitted dates. Toss them... Read More

They say the majestic date palm tree is a horticultural miracle and from it, great things are born. It thrives in the world’s harshest environments to produce a tasty, nutritious and versatile staple food. With its origins dated as far back as human history, dates are highly revered and... Read More

People who say ‘perfection is just an illusion’, might have never tasted a perfect date fruit. The plump, moist, luscious texture and sweet smooth goodness of dates is as good as it gets. The taste of a perfect date fruit is one which transcends the senses into an age of purity and... Read More

In religion and tradition, dates have been regarded as super food with profound healing powers. Dates are mentioned in many holy scriptures including Bible and Quran. Distinguished dates have therapeutic health benefits with a glorious history that healers have used through centuries. Now... Read More

Dates are the superfood of nature: a powerhouse of minerals, energy and fibre. But how much do you really know about this rich, creamy piece of goodness? Here are 20 interesting facts about dates: The word ‘date’ comes from the Greek word daktylos, meaning finger, because a date... Read More

Dates are a delicious fruit, and even if you are a picky eater, you are sure to find one to suit your taste. There are many types of dates grown in the region, and the climate and tree determines which date it will yield. Dates are generally categorised into three main types, soft, hard and... Read More

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نحن سنبدأ أسبوعنا مع كوب من الكابتشينو و خبز بالشكولاته. ماذا عنكم؟