Catering Manager | KSA

Catering Manager | KSA
Reports to: Regional Operations Manager

Job Purpose:

The Catering Manager is responsible for delivering Catering services to clients (Corporate/Government/Private segments) in a seamless & flawless manner. He or she will do this through the delivery of premium hospitality service, culinary experience & outstanding setups (relevant to brand DNA).

The Catering Manager contributes to the overall success of the Catering initiative by 1) being fully responsible for the end to end process, 2) by hiring, scheduling, training and nurturing a hospitality culture so as to attract and retain the best diverse talent, and 3) overseeing the planning, coordination & execution of daily operations.

This Catering Manager works closely with the catering sales, culinary, operations, café & retail teams reporting to the Operations Manager. His or her main focus is to grow the Catering brand equity, revenues & margins in line with, or exceeding, annual business plans, by creating memorable hospitality experiences and loyal customers. 

The Catering Manager will have excellent planning / organization skills, an ability to anticipate customer needs & wants relevant to specific events, leadership qualities and able to make decision without having all the facts on hand. An avid communicator able to handle multiple stakeholders and have well developed training skills.

Key Accountabilities:

  • Set & maintain high (five star hotel equivalent or higher) standards of service, culinary & overall hospitality experiences at all times for all events with attention to details such as set up, timely preparedness & grooming of staff. Always respecting the Brand DNA, and assuring over all execution.
  • Persistently assuring high levels of food safety, hygiene and sanitation standards. Thus, ensuring compliance with local law, food safety standards, general work place safety, and HACCP policies & procedures.
  • Plans ensures supervision to all operations staff (culinary, service, stewarding & drivers). This includes scheduling so as to ensure productivity and correct staffing levels, while assuring flawless execution.
  • While not the line manager, ensures the catering head chef correctly executes menu planning, food purchasing & production, and culinary execution.
  • Ensures the catering service supervisor / catering head waiter correctly plans staffing, equipment, setups and service execution.
  • Ensures the stewarding department supervisor correctly manages all operating equipment, preparation, transportation, setup, back of house execution, breakdown, washing/sanitizing/counting and storage.
  • In close collaboration with the Regional Operations Manager, the Catering Manager is responsible for the end to end process for Catering. This starts with assuring that the sales tools are correct and available (i.e. menus, pricing, costing & visuals) all the way to assuring P&L contribution.
  • Uses analytical skills and pro-actively manages margins, by controlling COGS, staff & controllable expenses.
  • Ensures development of all operations team members. This includes training, coaching & mentoring to allow for the right people in the right place to grow catering business and lead the market.
  • Actively drives a culture of team work between café, retail and catering to assure excellence in execution, while maintaining & building relationships
  • Assists with hiring and training associates. Evaluates employee performance providing feedback and coordinates training sessions.
  • Monitors customer satisfaction and develops and maintains client relations.
  • Assists in other units in the company within the company dining, retail cafes and/or catering operations, as immediate needs may arise for backup.
  • Uses critical thinking skills to initiate innovation, conducting research on global food trends, food marketing, and conscious eating habits.
  • Being involved in improving communication using technology.
  • To work with other departments and support functions across the business. This can be supporting sales in assuring conversion of contracts, or marketing in executing happenings at Cafés or execution of photo shoots.

Health and Safety

  • Is responsible for & assures staff follow all applicable laws, specially in regards to food safety, sanitation and alcohol regulations (if any). Communicates any irregularities to the Operations Manager.
  • Maintains high confidentiality with regards to guest privacy & information.
  • Ensures that all potential and real hazards are reported and dealt with appropriately & immediately.
  • Fully understands & respects the company fire, emergency, and bomb procedures.
  • The Catering Manager is responsible for assuring that all emergency procedures to provide for the security and safety of customers and employees are respected during events.
  • Works in a safe manner that does not harm or injure self or others, and assures the same for guests & staff.
  • Anticipates possible and probable hazards and conditions and notifies the Operations Manager, while taking immediate action to mitigate or eliminate these.

Lives and Advocates the Bateel Values:

  • Quality
  • Innovation
  • Authenticity
  • Integrity

People Excellence (internal/external customer engagement and relationship management):


  • Communicates effectively with customers, colleagues, and supervisors.
  • Interested in Sales. Natural attitude to providing excellent service quality
  • Plans, organizes and uses a systematic approach to get things done.
  • Self-reliant, working with minimal control and direction
  • Composes well under pressure
  • Manages time and resources effectively.
  • Actively seeks opportunities to develop and learn from experience.

Leadership Skills

  • Develops positive working relationships.
  • Listens to the needs of others before contributing.
  • Continuously seeks to endeavor professionalism in own job function.
  • Manages conflict effectively.

Drive for results

  • Achieves objectives and goals set by the Management for Catering Sales & Operations, by having solid knowledge of foodservice, Banquet & Outside Catering Operations
  • Competes against a standard of excellence by setting high performance standards and pursuing aggressive goals
  • Assertive, co-operative, and a builder of alliances
  • Thinks ahead, developing contingency plans where necessary.
  • Strives for constant improvements and takes responsibility for achieving business results and persevere despite obstacles

Influencing Skill

  • Expresses confidence in own ideas and networks with others.
  • Gains commitment to action from a range of people.
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  • Communicates openly and clearly both verbally and in writing.
  • Negotiations-, organization-, and conflicts resolution skills
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with ability to take and give direction & work with others
  • Motivates and inspires others to perform.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

  •  Handles difficult situations effectively, and as per brand standards.
  • Pro-actively engages with all stakeholders to collects and analyses relevant information about a problem.
  • Seeks innovative solutions.
  • Makes conscious decision to go for action.
  • Accepts personal responsibility to make things happen.


  • Generates new ideas and encourages creativity from staff
  • Recognizes the need for new and modified approaches
  • Keeps a close eye on market trends and developments 


  • Accepts flexible work schedule necessary for uninterrupted service to customers.
  • ​ Is able and willing to work long hours, and when needed to assist the operations manager with specific tasks as and when needed.
  • Adapts quickly and positively to new situations.
  • Continues to be productive in changing circumstances.
  • Can handle more than one task/ situation at a time.
  • Is receptive to new ideas and responds to workplace changes in a flexible and optimistic manner

Cultural Awareness

  • Understands and takes into account the global nature of the business; works effectively with colleagues from different view-points, cultures and countries.

Brand Ambassador

  • Acts at all times, as a Brand Ambassador according to key brand pillars.

Technical Skills

  • Computer literacy with considerable knowledge of complex mathematical calculations
  • Good knowledge of sanitation standards and applicable health codes.
  • Good knowledge of Fidelio or Opera Sales & Catering
  • Good general Food & Beverage service/culinary knowledge.
  • Excellent time management skill

Experience requirement:

The Catering Manager will have 5 years of F&B banquet/catering leadership experience in international 5 star hotel & catering operations in the Middle East.

Qualification and Licenses requirement:

  • Undergraduate Degree
  • Occupational Health Card



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