Dubai, UAE, 8th August 2018– Bateel International, the GCC’s leader in gourmet experiences, have crafted the perfect range of gifts, this Eid al-Adha. These unique gifts showcase Bateel’s unmatched range of premium chocolates. From chocolate covered dates to pralines, ganaches and other gourmet chocolates with a delectable array of fillings, Bateel offers the finest quality in single origin delights. Imported from Brazil and Dominican Republic and created using fair trade beans, the natural richness and exceptional taste profile of these origin chocolates elevates Bateel’s selection to the highest levels of chocolate artistry.


Recognised worldwide for exquisite presentation and an unrivalled variety of delicious offerings, this year Bateel draws on contemporary designs with a traditional twist, to provide customers with a truly unique and thoughtful experience. Bateel proudly celebrates the essence of the holiday, presenting a beautiful reminder of treasured moments with a variety of luxurious gift options. Lovingly handcrafted and intricately hand-painted onto mirrored glass by Peruvian artists using hues of gold, silver and turquoise, no gift box is the same. From the glimmering Midas Collection to the more luxurious colourful wooden boxes, available in white and pink, or the remarkable Étagères, and the Egizia gold and silver vases filled with chocolates - the ideal gift to impress.


From globally renowned organic dates and delicious chocolates, customers can create a bespoke collection of Bateel’s finest products curated to suit all tastes to treat friends, family and business partners. In addition to Bateel’s classic and well-loved generic levitra, this Eid al-Adha Bateel will also offer gourmands an exciting new range of date-chocolates. With a choice of six infusions including the irresistible Date Coconut White Round and Date Macadamia Round, the collection provides an innovative combination of flavours, sure to delight any pallet.


For the perfect gift that effortlessly combines innovative design with thought, care, quality and flavour, customers need look no further than Bateel this Eid.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 8th August 2018 – Bateel International, the global gourmet food company is delighted to announce the opening of its newest location at Riyadh Park Mall. The prime setting will offer guests a calm and relaxing haven to savour Café Bateel’s famous hearty and healthy Mediterranean fare.


Strategically located in the prestigious Riyadh Park Mall on Northern Ring Branch Road, the new café is perfectly suited for a full gourmet experience for friends and family. Café Bateel’s extensive menu features a delicious range of breakfast options, pastas, salads, sandwiches and other main dishes, as well as Bateel’s famous signature Qahwa, artisan cakes, pastries and adored afternoon tea.  


From modest beginnings in Saudi Arabia, Bateel is now an internationally recognised conglomerate, with boutiques and cafés in major cities around the world from Dubai to Detroit. This latest launch, aligns with the companies continued expansion globally and fortifies the brands long term presence in KSA.


The new outlet is set to be the ultimate destination for indulgence for Saudi gourmands, opening to the public on the 8th August 2018.

Café Bateel reveals its distinctive new location at Mall of the Emirates

Café Bateel reveals its distinctive new location at Mall of the Emirates

Café Bateel, home of gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, announces the launch of its newest location at the dynamic and prestigious Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, joining the successful Bateel Boutique located on the second floor which opened in April 2017.  The tastefully designed Café Bateel at Mall of the Emirates will be located on the Ground Floor, opposite the popular H&M store providing customer’s easy access to the soon to be favourite mall café.

The latest outlet from Café Bateel offers a new format, with a succinct menu showcasing a fine selection of Bateel’s premium gourmet dishes, perfect for a quick, flavourful and satisfying refuel, to revitalize any shopping trip.

The new design promises a modernized experience with chic and welcoming interiors. The open-concept features intimate seating areas, punctuated in elegant shades of greens, greys and rich oak browns, with an emphasis on natural materials. The walls hold art pieces that represent the culinary journey of Bateel, adding an educational element to the newly fashioned outlet. Bateel’s dedication to quality can be experienced through every aspect of the venue; including a refreshed menu format that features a prime selection of Bateel’s favourite signature healthy dishes.

The new location marks the first new opening for Bateel International this year. The global company continues to go from strength to strength with now over 31 cafes and 49 boutiques worldwide, with a further 3 outlets set to launch this year. The company’s unwavering commitment to innovation and quality is demonstrated in Bateel’s steadfast leadership of all things gourmet. 

To view the menu please click here.


In celebration of the Holy Month, Café Bateel, the home of gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, presents a wholesome Iftar sharing menu offering a lighter and healthier alternative to the city’s lavish Ramadan buffets. Showcasing a fine selection of nutritious gourmet dishes families and friends can delight whilst breaking their fast, with a satisfying range of appetisers, mains and desserts designed to share.

The Iftar experience commences with a taste of quality and tradition as guests are invited to break their fast with Bateel’s finest organic dates, accompanied by a selection of freshly squeezed juices. Next guests can savour Bateel’s homemade soups with a choice of hearty Quinoa and Chickpeas - with fresh tomatoes and basil pesto bruschetta, or Lentil - served with zaatar croutons and a squeeze of lemon for an added kick of flavour.

A selection of light and mouth-watering appetisers are served to share, with highlights including a Halloumi and Quinoa Salad, offering a delicious mix of garden greens, grilled halloumi cheese, quinoa, Ligurian olives and pomegranate seeds, finished with a zesty lemon dressing, or an assortment of fresh and crunchy Crudités served with labneh and Bateel’s delectable new beetroot hummus.

For the main course guests can delight in a collection of carefully curated dishes to share. From Grilled Salmon and Quinoa featuring fresh coriander, asparagus, peas, zucchini and Iranian dry lemon zaatar sauce, to Lamb Confit and Farro Risotto, a hearty combination of delicately braised lamb shoulder served with warm Umbrian farro grains, chickpeas, Greek mushrooms and caramelised onions, or a Mushroom Risotto with fresh shiitake, ceps, black trumpet, Cardoncello, button and chiodini mushrooms, finished with a dusting of Parmesan Reggiano cheese.

To end the wholesome meal, a medley of Bateel’s favourite desserts will be showcased including Bateel date pudding, making for the perfect end to the evening. 

For all things Ramadan, Café Bateel will also be featuring its latest Ramadan collection at all its outlets, showcasing a beautiful selection of gifts that would make for the ultimate centerpiece at any Ramadan setting.

This Ramadan savour quality, tradition, innovation and flavour and break the fast with Café Bateel.

The Iftar menu will be available at all Café Bateel locations across the GCC through the Holy Month of Ramadan from Sunset. The four course menu is priced at just 120 per person and includes dates and welcome drinks.


Bateel International the world’s favourite provider of distinctly different gourmet dates and delicacies, will unveil the company’s latest travel retail collection for the international market at the TFWA Asia Pacific Exhibition & Conference in Singapore on May 6th, 2018.

Marking Bateel’s first exhibition at the renowned conference, the brand will exclusively showcase two new products along with company’s esteemed collection of quality travel retail gifts. Bateel International’s presence at the event will also demonstrate the business’s continued retail growth and expansion within Asia as well as worldwide.  

Visitors to the conference will enjoy an exclusive first look at Bateel’s beautifully designed destination and world map boxes.  The handcrafted pieces, make for the perfect gift and can be filled with a selection of Bateel’s finest organic dates.

Visit the Bateel International team at Stand 2 B32 to learn more about this celebrated brand and their extensive range of gifts and products.  

Café Bateel presents a light, fresh and healthy menu to celebrate the summer season

Café Bateel, home of gourmet Mediterranean cuisine, announces the launch of a fresh new seasonal menu for the upcoming summer months. Diners can delight in light and healthy options from soups and salads to mains and desserts, with delicious offerings available for vegans and the health conscious. The new menu is now available in all cafés across the UAE.

The innovative and enticing new menu has been carefully curated by Bateel’s award-winning executive chef Jean Luc Vila, offering a culinary celebration of the finest seasonal ingredients and flavours taking influence from Mediterranean cuisine.  Café Bateel’s chefs have incorporated new and alternative elements which offer a fresh depth of taste and flavour including the new superfood Moringa. A plant native to India, is now grown along the Mediterranean coast where it is dubbed the ‘Miracle Tree’. Moringa which has been linked to having positive health benefits can be utilised in many aspects of cooking and is featured by Café Bateel in a new hearty vegan Moringa Vegetable soup.

With multiple options for vegetarians and vegans, the menu offers a new vibrancy to Café Bateel’s cuisine and reinforces its Mediterranean credentials. Highlights include the Healthy Green Bowl - A healthy vegan bowl with quinoa, grains, spinach, kale, green peas, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, green tomatoes, French beans, mixed seeds and zingy lemon dressing and the Tiger Prawn Risotto - Jumbo tiger prawns on a bed of Venere black rice renowned for its health benefits and trumpet mushrooms with Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Guests looking for a sweet treat can delight in a choice of four seasonal desserts including Pomelos Cheesecake - a crispy biscuit base topped with cream cheese, grapefruit, yuzu, strawberry purée and cream cheese mousse or the irresistible Apricot and Milk Chocolate Cake with crunchy almond biscuit and layers of apricot and yuzu compote, topped with milk chocolate cream.

To beat the summer heat, the menu showcases refreshing chilled beverages including the Peach Delight - A tasty blend of peach with orange, apple and strawberry, providing the quintessential taste of summer for all of the family to enjoy.

Café Bateel’s Seasonal Summer menu is now available across all cafés in the UAE. Click here to review the menu.

Gifts for all this Ramadan at Bateel

The Holy month of Ramadan welcomes a time of unity and the spirit of generosity. The occasion bids a season to renew relationships and the coming together of family and friends alike. A long-standing gesture during this special month encourages the giving and receiving of gifts with those near and dear, strengthening the bonds and creating memories for the years to come.

This year, Bateel International sheds light on the etiquette of gifting by offering a series of beautiful collections. Those looking for a thoughtful present this Ramadan can choose from a variety of options, but nothing offers more meaning and sincerity during this time than the giving and receiving of dates.

It is customary that the fast is broken with dates, delivering essential nutrients and energy to revive body and mind whilst upholding age old traditions that intrinsically connect past with present. Cultivated with extreme diligence, pure dedication and attention to detail, Bateel organics dates offer guests an unrivalled level of excellence, matchless quality and unparalleled taste, promising the perfect gift this Ramadan. 


The Bateel Touch

This year Bateel International presents a bespoke collection of gift boxes, trays and hampers, perfect for family gatherings. The collection showcases contemporary and mesmerising designs delicately handcrafted onto mirrored glass by Peruvian artists using subtle hues of gold, silver and calming turquoise.

Iftar Gifting

During Ramadan, it is customary for families to host lavish Iftars for one another; breaking bread together as the sun sets, and spending the evening in prayer and contemplation, considering the significance of Ramadan.

Nearly as important as gathering with friends and family are the gifts and tokens of appreciation shared, and for that Bateel provides an array of stunning options that will delight one and all.  Bateel’s Jumeirah Chests and Royal Turquoise Drawer gift boxes add vibrancy and a chic element to the time-honoured practice of gifting, each of the offerings are generously filled with a fine selection of Bateel’s  Gourmet organic dates.

Corporate Gifting

Bateel’s collection also offers a bespoke range of charming gift boxes that are ideal for corporate gifting for colleagues. With clean finishes and decorative ribbons, these gifts add a touch of flair to any office Iftar event.

Grand Gifts

For those looking to make a statement, Bateel’s selection of trays such as the Silver Trays, Modern Art Trays or Juno Trays provide an elaborate display for a bespoke selection of organic dates. For every host, these exquisite platters are the must-have centrepiece for the essential Ramadan table. In addition to this, Bateel’s étagère makes for the perfect masterpiece at any iftar hosting. Gift with pride, with Bateel’s fully customisable Hamper collection showcased in premium honey, beautiful, handcrafted boxes filled with organic dates or deluxe chocolates, all accompanied by delightful cooking companions like Bateel’s olive oil and date balsamic vinegar.

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Available at all Bateel Boutiques from April 1st

Make This Mother's Day Special with Bateel

Bateel offers an exquisitely unique collection of gifts to treat mums this Mother’s Day

Bateel the GCC’s favourite provider of distinctly different gourmet products, offers a collection of quality gifts to make this Mother’s Day extra special.

Presenting endless ways to treat those nearest and dearest, Bateel’s choice of luxury gift boxes dazzle in modern whites, elegant rose gold, timeless pink and subtle reds. Elegantly hand finished and filled with a selection of Bateel’s signature delicacies, creating the perfect token of affection.

Bateel’s finely curated hampers are ready to be filled with a personalised selection of Bateel’s renowned fare, from exceptional single-origin chocolates to the finest organic dates, or even premium honey. For something a little different, guests can include some of Bateel’s perfect cooking companions sourced from around the globe, including Italian olive oil or delicious date balsamic vinegar, ensuring each gift is as unique and special as every mother.

Café Bateel offers the perfect opportunity to cherish quality time with mum. Savour and share the most delicious cakes and pastries including specially prepared Mother’s Day cheese cake or indulge with Bateel’s traditional afternoon tea, perfect for two.

From exquisite gift boxes to date-infused sweets and savouries, as well as finely crafted desserts, Bateel’s sophisticated selection of gourmet goods are unrivalled in quality and taste. Available throughout the GCC in Bateel’s Boutiques from 6th March, to celebrate this Mother’s Day.

Bateel Celebrates First Anniversary at Doha Tower

Café Bateel, the leading Mediterranean restaurant and gourmet food brand, marked its successful first year at Doha Tower, Qatar on February 1st, 2018. To commemorate the occasion, the brand hosted VIP friends, families and local media, welcoming guests with a glass of acclaimed sparkling date juice and a taste of Bateel’s delicious bites.

Synonymous with reinventing and elevating the date to a gourmet product, Bateel is renowned globally for culinary excellence, showcased within more than 30 cafes and 50 boutiques worldwide. Café Bateel was launched in Qatar in 2016, introducing a new concept in casual dining: celebrating Mediterranean fare, curated by Bateel. The brand’s strong philosophy of quality and service has prevailed to position Café Bateel as one of the region’s favourite casual restaurants offering a tempting selection of delicious, wholesome food and beverages served in a warm yet sophisticated atmosphere. Bateel’s tradition has been further recognized by the BBC Good Food Awards, where the restaurant has been awarded the prestigious accolade of Best Café for two consecutive years in a row

The brand reflects authenticity and dedication to quality and innovation with a nod to the company’s Arabic heritage. Offering diners high quality, healthy and original menus from breakfast to dinner with a selection of freshly baked breads and pastries, soups, salads, pastas, main courses and not forgetting Café Bateel famous desserts, ready to satisfy any appetite. In addition, Bateel’s prospering catering division continues to deliver a range of delectable options, both savoury and sweet, perfect to enhance any special occasion.

As Bateel marks its first prosperous year in Qatar, the group look to the future with an exciting calendar of menus and flavours, whilst never wavering from the known famous distinctive hospitality of Café Bateel.

Say it with Bateel this Valentine’s Day

Bateel, the globally renowned gourmet boutique, is delighted to introduce a new range of exquisite gifts, designed especially to celebrate with that special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Available throughout all Bateel Boutiques across the GCC from January 30th, Bateel’s Valentine’s gifts showcase exceptional taste in flavour and design, displayed in exquisite heart-shaped boxes suitably fashioned in deep reds and pinks and packed with delicious single-origin chocolates and gourmet dates, offering the most delectable delights for all loved ones.

Each box can be customised with a selection of delicious treats, such as Bateel’s indulgent heart-shaped single-origin chocolates individually wrapped and showcased in the colour of love: red, pink, or rose gold– making for the perfect token of affection. Give more on the special day, with Bateel’s Valentine’s Hamper, featuring a selection of Bateel’s gourmet food favourites, ideal for that special someone.

Crafted with care, using only the finest quality ingredients, Bateel’s enchanting gifts promise to surprise and delight loved ones this February.


Bateel’s array of Valentine’s gift boxes are available across all Bateel boutiques in the GCC, starting January 30th.