The Holy month of Ramadan welcomes a time of unity and the spirit of generosity. The occasion bids a season to renew relationships and the coming together of family and friends alike. A long-standing gesture during this special month encourages the giving and receiving of gifts with those near and dear, strengthening the bonds and creating memories for the years to come.

This year, Bateel International sheds light on the etiquette of gifting by offering a series of beautiful collections. Those looking for a thoughtful present this Ramadan can choose from a variety of options, but nothing offers more meaning and sincerity during this time than the giving and receiving of dates.

It is customary that the fast is broken with dates, delivering essential nutrients and energy to revive body and mind whilst upholding age old traditions that intrinsically connect past with present. Cultivated with extreme diligence, pure dedication and attention to detail, Bateel organics dates offer guests an unrivalled level of excellence, matchless quality and unparalleled taste, promising the perfect gift this Ramadan. 


The Bateel Touch

This year Bateel International presents a bespoke collection of gift boxes, trays and hampers, perfect for family gatherings. The collection showcases contemporary and mesmerising designs delicately handcrafted onto mirrored glass by Peruvian artists using subtle hues of gold, silver and calming turquoise.

Iftar Gifting

During Ramadan, it is customary for families to host lavish Iftars for one another; breaking bread together as the sun sets, and spending the evening in prayer and contemplation, considering the significance of Ramadan.

Nearly as important as gathering with friends and family are the gifts and tokens of appreciation shared, and for that Bateel provides an array of stunning options that will delight one and all.  Bateel’s Jumeirah Chests and Royal Turquoise Drawer gift boxes add vibrancy and a chic element to the time-honoured practice of gifting, each of the offerings are generously filled with a fine selection of Bateel’s  Gourmet organic dates.

Corporate Gifting

Bateel’s collection also offers a bespoke range of charming gift boxes that are ideal for corporate gifting for colleagues. With clean finishes and decorative ribbons, these gifts add a touch of flair to any office Iftar event.

Grand Gifts

For those looking to make a statement, Bateel’s selection of trays such as the Silver Trays, Modern Art Trays or Juno Trays provide an elaborate display for a bespoke selection of organic dates. For every host, these exquisite platters are the must-have centrepiece for the essential Ramadan table. In addition to this, Bateel’s étagère makes for the perfect masterpiece at any iftar hosting. Gift with pride, with Bateel’s fully customisable Hamper collection showcased in premium honey, beautiful, handcrafted boxes filled with organic dates or deluxe chocolates, all accompanied by delightful cooking companions like Bateel’s olive oil and date balsamic vinegar.

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Available at all Bateel Boutiques from April 1st