Ramadan Gifts

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will Ramadan 2024 start?

Ramadan is expected to begin in the evening of Saturday, 9th March and ends in the evening of Monday, 8th April depending on the sighting of the moon. In the Islamic calendar, a month begins with the first crescent of a new moon and the new day occurs after sunset.

What are the appropriate Ramadan gifts?

Flowers, perfumes and clothing items are well received, however, the prevalent tradition across Muslim culture is gifting dates as a Ramadan gift. Customarily eaten to break the fast during Ramadan, dates offer numerous health benefits and help improve strength after a long day of fasting. 

Gift-giving happens throughout the month of Ramadan up until Eid Al Fitr. It is also important to choose gifts that are appropriate and thoughtful. Muslims also choose to offer Zakat during Ramadan. Zakat means a charity or welfare contribution to the poor and needy. Learn more about how to give Zakat here.

When to give gifts for Ramadan?

Ramadan is considered as the month of giving. While charity and donations to the less privileged come first, exchanging presents is regarded as a token of gratitude. It could include giving a thoughtful gift to your iftar host, thanking them for a lavish meal they have cooked, or giving small presents to your loved ones to show them love and gratitude.

Is there any special way to present gifts for Ramadan?

Organic dates presented in a beautiful Ramadan gift box, or a selection of gourmet products presented in an exquisite hamper are some Ramadan gift ideas way to present to friends and family. Explore Bateel’s exclusive range of handcrafted wooden chests, carton packaging, elegant trays and hampers that are fully customisable.