Ramadan Collection

  1. Ladybird
    From $104.00
  2. Indigo
    From $199.00
  3. Alaska White
    From $17.00
  4. Eid Mubarak White
    From $33.00

Searching for the perfect gift for Ramadan?

A Bateel date is packed with large servings of essential minerals and compounds, making it a healthy source of energy. Today, international research proves these powerful health virtues makes it a real Superfood.

We have incredible luxury gift boxes available, including the exclusive Arabian Night which features stunning hand-painted glass for a colourful, unique effect. We also have a range of pre-made Ramadan gifts, such as the elegant Ramadan Kareem Crescent which features a beautiful half crescent golden moon against a stunning turquoise backdrop. It also comes with gilded inner casing to give it the appearance of a book.

When only the best gifts will do, our exclusive Ramadan collection is exactly what you need. Choose from several unique Ramadan inspired gift boxes, then select the filling you’d prefer. Select from assorted dates, premium dates or premium filled dates. Whichever you opt for, you can be sure your loved ones will appreciate these delicious, gourmet dates.