Jams and Dhibs

Quality Jams and Dhibs by Bateel

Bateel offers you an assortment of delicious jams and dhibs to make breakfast the best meal of the day.

Made with simple ingredients, like sugar, water, oranges and dates, jams and dhibs by Bateel are perfect for baking, spreading, or as a dessert topping. Drizzle some dhib on morning pancakes or simply use it to sweeten your tea. Jams and Dhibs by Bateel are sure to become your favourite treat.

Delivering a fresh, homemade taste, Bateel’s marmalades and dhibs have a smooth texture and come with a subtle hint of orange juice, ajwa or wanan dates.Date jam gift set by Bateel would be the right choice for those who like sampling and mixing different flavours.