UAE National Day

  1. Cassandra Gift Box
    From AED80.00
  2. Danica Gold Gift Box
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  3. Arabian Dream
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  4. Arabian Night
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  5. Turkish Delight
  6. Date Biscuits
  7. Qahwa Gift Set
  8. Mixed Nuts
  9. Date Mustard
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Celebrate UAE National Day with delicious dates

Celebrated on 2nd December every year, UAE National Day honours and reflects the spirit of the union of the seven Emirates. Parades, performances and fireworks are a great attraction during the two-day National Day festival, when the entire city turns out to celebrate Emirati unity and excellence. This holiday provides ample opportunity to gather family and friends to witness the numerous festive activities. It is also a great time to embrace delicious traditional cuisines and exchange delicious food gifts. This year, we encourage you to present healthy superfoods in the form of gourmet dates from Bateel. Sweet fruits of date palm tree, dates provide a plethora of health benefits when consumed in any form.

World renowned for being the only date grower, producer and seller – Bateel offers 100% organic dates that are harvested in a natural, optimal environment. Free from chemical exposure, this traditional farming technique allows the date fruit to retain natural flavour and essential nutrients. A box full of Bateel’s premium filled dates will be the ideal gift for any date connoisseur. Choose from an assortment of wooden gift boxes and packaging for adding a luxurious touch to your present.