Bateel customers keep discovering new surprises. The growing range of Bateel sweets now includes Turkish delight in unique new flavours like rosewater, date, lemon and ginger; date and hazelnut bars; new date, raspberry, orange and lemon flavoured bonbons; traditional and date nougat, pâtés de fruits, marrons glacés and the finest roasted and caramelised nuts.


Bateel infuses popular savouries with a delicious touch of dates. Date mustard, date pesto, and date olive tapenade are excellent examples. Other treats include date balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil produced in Italy exclusively for Bateel.

Pasta / Risotto / Grains

Bateel’s pasta collection is an ode to the heritage of artisanal craftsmanship in Umbria, Italy. Sourced from a family-owned estate, this is pasta excellence indeed. Made from the finest hard grains, like durum wheat semolina, this superb tasting pasta retains its shape, firmness, golden colour and nutty flavour, when cooked.


Lemon Blossom, described as “sunshine in a jar”, is a refreshingly zesty yet delicate honey, with a creamy texture that melts in the mouth. It also contains antiseptic and antibacterial properties, which makes it an ideal remedy to soothe sore throats. Bateel honey acacia is light amber coloured honey gathered from aromatic flowering acacias. Bateel’s gourmet preserves and confitures are exquisite treats made with the finest ripe organic fruit.

Sparkling Drinks

Like champagne, Bateel’s non-alcoholic sparkling date drink and pomegranate juice are best served chilled, poured into stemmed glassware. The light carbonation tickles the tongue with a finish that hints at the rounded sweetness of fresh fruit. These all-natural beverages are a popular choice for celebrations or as mixers for creative cocktails.