Softer and more moist than fully-ripened tamr dates, Bateel rhutab dates simply melt in your mouth. Exclusively at Bateel you can enjoy extraordinary date varieties, such as Barhi and Sokari, in frozen rhutab form all year round.


There are approximately 600 varieties of dates in the world today. Of these Bateel features some of the most delicious. The Khidri, with its sweet, chewy, raisin-like flesh and the Kholas, are the two most famous. Other favourites include Ajwa, Medjool, Barhi, Dekkini, Mactoumi, Sekki, Silaj and Dhawi Zawi. A Bateel boutique is the perfect place to indulge in a delicious taste testing experience.


Imagine Bateel dates filled with roasted or caramelised nuts. Or for more exotic flavour fusions, filled with candied ginger, lemon or orange peel. Each is an experience to be savoured.