Premium Organic Dates

Super food Organic dates
100% organic Suitable for vegans
Good for vegan Gluten-free dates
Incects free 100% Organic superfood

Organic Dates

Bateel's globally renowned organic dates are carefully hand-harvested and meticulously sorted,
ensuring that our customers are treated to the utmost quality in gourmet date.

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Premium Dates from Bateel – delight in every bite

Our dates are grown in a natural and optimal environment promising the finest flavour of the date fruit.

Having proven health benefits, dates are considered as a natural superfood rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Eating 3-5 dates a day can stabilise blood sugar, improve bones strength and heath health. Our organic dates are certified, suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Bateel offers 7 dates varieties available all year, including Ajwa, Medjool, Sokari and special Wanan date. Each variety is distinct featuring different sizes, taste, texture, and appearance ensuring to delight discerning taste palette. Each type of date gets same attention during farming and packaging process to ensure an even superior quality of our products

To learn more about Bateel date varieties and their differences visit our 7 types of dates page

Discover ultimate gifts with our luxury wooden and carton gift boxes which are available in a variety of designs and sizes and filled with your selection of plain organic dates making it a perfect present for anyone choosing a healthy alternative to artificial sweets.