Delectable Premium Dates from Bateel

Indulge your senses with Bateel’s premium collection of gourmet dates. We grow our own date varieties, ensuring they are grown in their natural and optimal environment. Owing to their organic growing method, Bateel gourmet dates are not exposed to any chemicals. This means, you will experience the freshest and finest natural flavours of the date fruit.

From the delightfully chewy and sweet Khidri dates, to the sumptuous toffee-flavoured Kholas dates, you won't find such premium delightful delicacies anywhere else. Bateel produces and also sells premium Ajwa, Medjool, Sokari, Segai and Wanan dates. We also have a wide range of filled dates, providing an extraordinary taste sensation. If you are looking for the ultimate gift, opt for one of our luxury wooden boxes. Even the most experienced date connoisseur is sure to be impressed with these premium date varieties.