World Vegetarian Day Gifts

Gift superfoods in the form of gourmet dates

Every year there are millions of people who resolve to move to a healthier way of living – by becoming vegetarian. World Vegetarian Day is celebrated to raise awareness and promote the benefits of practicing a vegetarian lifestyle. This day encourages everyone to recognise their eating habits and reflect on how those eating habits may affect the health. Healthy and 100% organic, Bateel’s gourmet dates are practically superfoods perfect for gifting on Vegetarian Day.

Bateel utilises time-honoured farming methods, ensuring that every date is packed with the powerful goodness of nature. Packed with vital minerals and compounds, organic dates present several great health benefits classifying them as a delicious guilt-free treat. Served best at room temperature, Bateel’s dates will take you on an extraordinary taste journey. Available for online ordering, Bateel has a wide selection of signature wooden gift boxes that have been handcrafted to guarantee exceptional quality and design. Take your time in choosing the design preferred by your friend or family. You can even customise the ribbons as per your liking.