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Vegan Gifts

Explore our range of vegan confectionaries, an all-natural date-based collection offering
organic delights without compromising on taste or quality.

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26 Items

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Bateel Gourmet Gifts for Vegetarians

As a world-renowned brand, Bateel takes pride in its organic ethos, crafting a wide range of exceptional products suitable for vegan food gifting. Widely known as a superfood, dates are a great source of nutrients, fiber and antioxidants. Bateel dates are certified organic and each gift bearing the Bateel name reflects impeccable taste. The extensive range of our premium organic dates is a suitable gift for vegetarians, featured in stunning wooden presentation boxes and classic carton packaging that suits a variety of themes and tastes. Discover our exclusive Date Dhibs in flavourful variants, also featured as a mini set, which are perfect for gifting. This healthy range of organic date syrups that vegans will surely enjoy is an alternative to honey.

1st of October marks the World Vegetarian Day, a celebration to drive awareness on the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle along its advocacy. Themed uniquely every year, it’s an occasion to give the best gift for vegans. Bateel’s exquisite range offers a wide variety of gifts for family, friends and colleagues.