Coffee for Connoisseurs

From single-origin beans to signature blends, our coffee selection
has been impeccably sourced from around the world.

Discover a Healthy Alternative

Bateel’s organic dates seeds are collected, dried and roasted to develop unique flavours then finely ground into an aromatic powder with notes of chocolate. The beverage contains all the nutrients of dates and is sustainable as well as caffeine-free. 

Coffee Connoisseur

Experience the ultimate coffee journey with Bateel's meticulously curated selection of specialty coffee beans.From the robust and bold flavours of Arabica to the unique taste of Qahwa coffee, each sip invites you to discover the finest coffee origins.Crafted with precision and passion, our gourmet coffee beans encapsulate the essence of coffee culture, promising a delightful journey for the discerning palate with every cup.

Embracing the Middle Eastern tradition of hospitality, we invite you to enjoy your coffee with delectable Bateel organic dates or rhutab dates. This cultural practice not only elevates the flavour profile of the coffee but also celebrates the rich heritage of Arabian hospitality.

You can savour the same exceptional coffee whether you're enjoying a cup in Café Bateel or brewing it in the comfort of your home. Experience the authentic essence of Bateel's renowned coffee expertise, wherever you choose to enjoy it.