Organic Filled Dates

Super food Organic dates
100% organic Suitable for vegans
Good for vegan Gluten-free dates
Incects free 100% Organic superfood
Discover the largest variety of stuffed dates from Bateel – world-renowned expert in premium dates and date inspired creations

Organic Filled Dates from Bateel - The widest selection of flavours

Bateel uses the finest premium nuts and fruits sourced globally to pair with our organic dates. Grown using sustainable farming practice, Bateel dates are fresh and offers an inimitable flavour profile.

Our filled dates are suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and are rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins. Paired with roasted nuts, they are not just a delicious treat - they can be considered as a superfood, containing healthy fats beneficial for heart health.

Our dates are naturally sweet, with some varieties paired with caramelised nuts and candied fruits which may contain refined sugar to add texture and flavour. We recommend opting for dates with plain or roasted nuts for a natural taste with no added sugar. For sweet cravings, the caramelised filling is a delicious choice.

Available in a variety of designs and sizes, our luxury wooden and carton gift boxes filled with stuffed dates are a perfect gift option that is delicious and healthy.

You can also customise select gift boxes with an assortment of filled dates of your choice.