Ramadan Gifts

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Exquisite Ramadan Gift Ideas

Impress with Bateel’s luxury gift collections this Ramadan. Each gift bearing the Bateel name is a reflection of impeccable taste. The extensive range of wooden and carton gift sets are designed as a treasured piece of art, hand-crafted with intricate detail. Create lasting impressions this season with traditional Ramadan gifts and bespoke personalisation options for Eid Al Fitr.

Taking inspiration from Arabian heritage, the Mirage Collection features a unique design hand-painted by Peruvian artists. Adorned with gold and blue arabesque motifs, the Safi Collection is the perfect Ramadan gift for friends and family. Discover other bespoke Ramadan gift ideas with our selection of innovative Arabian-inspired creations such as Date Dhibs, date-balsamic vinegar, premium nuts, organic honey, jams and other Bateel favourites.

Offering an inimitable taste and flavour profile, dates are the perfect token of appreciation to impress during this momentous occasion. Break your fast with over 20 varieties of high-quality organic Bateel dates including our famed Wanan, Sokari, Kholas, Segai and Khidri varieties. Sourced using sustainable farming practices, each date is packed with essential vitamins and nutrients for a delicious and healthy treat.