Diwali Gifts

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Exquisite Gifts for the Occasion of Diwali

Diwali, is one of the biggest, most important and widely celebrated Indian festivity. Its name originated from the Sankrit word Deepavali, which means rows of lighted lamps. Also known as the festival of lights, Bateel pays homage to the vibrance that surrounds the beautiful event, thoughtfully creating an assortment of exquisite gift collection exclusive for the occasion.

Tied to the Hindu lunar calendar, the holiday celebrates a time where families and friends come together for a five-day celebration exchanging Diwali gifts including nuts, sweets and dry fruits. With Diwali often taking place during the onset of winter, dry fruits and nuts have become a seasonal gifting choice with its longer shelf life and ease of storage making it a practical gift. Gifting sweets is a popular traditional gesture of spreading joy, a token of appreciation to impress during this momentous occasion.

Inspired by this age-old tradition, Bateel’s exclusive collection is the perfect Diwali gift. Customise a healthy and distinctive gift with Bateel’s wide selection of gourmet dates. Our range of plain dates are organic, naturally sweet and is an ideal vegan treat. Presenting exceptional nut and fruit fillings like caramelised pecans, roasted almonds, fresh and tangy orange peel, our gourmet filled dates features a unique flavourful journey. A reflection of impeccable quality and taste, the Diwali packaging highlights colourful designs in vibrant and luminous shades of yellows, vivid turquoise, bright pinks, deep-purples; luxuriously accentuated with gold intricate patterns. Each box is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail, as showcased in the glimmering collection.

Find exquisite Diwali gift ideas with Bateel’s luxurious gifting range. Make a memorable impression this Diwali with a perfect gift from Bateel.