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Eid 2022 Gift Ideas

Discover a selection of elegant gifts perfect for the special occasion.


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Bateel Gourmet

The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Dates

Discover the allure of Bateel dates, including how best to prepare and enjoy the storied Arabian fruit. With its health-boosting properties, natural goodness and delicious taste, it’s easy to see why people around the world have added this superfood to their daily diet.

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Cafe Bateel

New Summer Menu at Café Bateel

From delectable salads championing sustainable ingredients and hearty vegan treats, to premium seafood and homemade specialities, discover the inspiration behind Café Bateel’s new summer menu. Try Mediterranean-inspired dishes and refreshing seasonal beverages today.

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News & Events

Introducing Bateel’s Culinary Director Nicholas Cuadrado

Learn more about Bateel’s culinary director Nicholas Cuadrado and how his award-winning experience is set to transform the culinary legacy of Café Bateel and drive forward one of the world’s most exciting and innovative luxury food brands.

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