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  1. Luna Gift Set
    From $20.00
  2. Ajwa Dates
    $81.00 per kg
  3. Flora Gift Set
    From $323.00
  4. Gulf Map Gift Set
    From $128.00
  5. Wanan Dates
    $43.00 per kg
  6. Segai Dates
    $54.00 per kg
  7. Khidri Dates
    $54.00 per kg
  8. Sokari Dates
    $54.00 per kg
  9. Medjool Dates
    $54.00 per kg
  10. Kholas Dates
    $54.00 per kg
  11. Olive Oil and Date Balsamic Gift Set
  12. Midas Gift Set
    From $37.00
  13. Date Jam

91 Items

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Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or luxurious dates, Bateel is the leading grower, producer and seller of gourmet date products. Discover our collections of hand-painted gift boxes, delicious gourmet dates, extravagant filled dates and more now. All our dates are 100% organic, allowing you to receive only the best gourmet dates.