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Journey into the gourmet world of Bateel and discover our rich heritage through gripping interviews and editorials from international publications across the globe.

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Authentic Culinary Temptations Ata Atmar, CEO at Bateel, discusses company’s innovative approach in the Middle Eastern gourmet food market.

“Our attention to environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our production, and distribution, despite the higher cost, is our biggest investment in corporate social responsibilities. We are part of the community and try to support the community when we can make a positive impact.”

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Saudi's Bateel promotes healthier option for Valentine's Day gifts

How Bateel International has transformed the staple, utilitarian date into an indulgent luxury. The story and success factors

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Oprah's Favorite Things 2019: The Full List

Playing around with a word "date" the most famous TV host includes Bateel gift boxes in her 2019 gift guide

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48 hours in... Dubai, an insider guide to the City of Gold

Bateel Boutiques featured in the Telegraph Dubai Travel guide as a one stop destination for those willing for bring home a unique gifts - best organic dates in the world, grown in Saudi Arabia, with a luxury touch on presentation

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Sweet bread of the Desert

In the article about importance of dates in Middle Eastern culture Bateel suggested as a one-stop shopping destination for organic gourmet dates

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Dubai: The jewels that shine in desert heat

Cafe Bateel featured in Dubai tourist guide published in one of the biggest New Zealand magazines. Author highlights rustic Italian cooking fused with the "best in Arabian heritage", mentioning unique menu items such as sparkling date drink or pomegranate juice with elderberry.

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Talking Shop: Gulf Retail Businesses And The UK

In the article about expansion of Middle Eastern companies to London, Bateel mentioned as an inspiration business for Gulf ventures due to its tremendous success in establishing presence on UK market

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Grown in the Persian Gulf, Food Ventures Step Out Globally

“We realized from day one we needed to have more than dates to survive.” CEO of Bateel Dr. Ata Atmar on the business diversification