Our Signature Collection

Taste luxury with our Signature Collection

When only the best gift will do, the Signature Collection from Bateel is just what you need. Made up of our finest date collections, these luxury handmade wooden gift boxes and gift packaging are sure to impress your loved ones. Whether you are looking for the perfect Ramadan, birthday, wedding or business gift, our signature collection is just what you need. There is something to suit all budgets and each of our gift boxes can be filled with our exclusive plain or filled date varieties. Alaska White, World Map, Cassandra and the Midas collection are the most popular choices in our signature collection.

Our dates are grown in an optimal environment and contain essential nutrients. We promote a natural and healthy growing process, so you are left with delightful, fresh flavours. Our dates are considered some of the best in the world, making them an especially great gift choice for date connoisseurs.