Premium Dates

  1. Ajwa Dates
    $81.00 per kg
  2. Sokari Dates
    $48.00 per kg
  3. Medjool Dates
    $37.00 per kg
  4. Khidri Dates
    $48.00 per kg
  5. Segai Dates
    $54.00 per kg
  6. Kholas Dates
    $48.00 per kg
  7. Wanan Dates
    $48.00 per kg

Bateel offers organic and gourmet dates

If you are looking for the finest and freshest dates, then Bateel dates are just what you need. Our collection consists of the very best quality dates, each grown exclusively by us in their natural, optimal environment. Hence, they are 100% organic and deliciously healthy. We offer a large variety of premium dates, including Medjool, Khidri, Ajwa, Kholas, Segai and Sokari dates. These exclusive dates possess an unbeatable flavour and a spectacular texture for a satisfying treat.

You can also find sumptuously delicious flavours such as pistachio, orange peel and caramelised cashews in our filled dates section. We offer exclusive luxury gift boxes perfect for any occasion. Whether you are searching for delicious, healthy dates for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, Bateel’s quality selection of gourmet dates is the perfect choice.