Exclusive Ramadan Gifts

Celebrate the holiday season with Bateel

The joyous occasion of Ramadan signifies spending more time with friends and family, expressing gratitude and making your loved ones happy. This is also the season of sharing gifts with your near and dear ones. Special sweet treats are enjoyed by children and adults alike. Premium dates make for a delicious and thoughtful gift for all.

Corporate Gifts

  1. Qahwa Gift Set

Corporate gifting made easy by Bateel

Whether you are looking to welcome a new client into your business or to treat your employees, Bateel has a wide selection of luxury corporate gifts to suit the occasion. Choose from our elegant assortment of business gift boxes, each filled with the finest gourmet date varieties. At Bateel, our dates are organically grown in their optimal environment. This gives them a superior texture and flavour you will not find anywhere else. Bateel dates are a great choice for your health-conscious clients and employees.

From the divine Midas gift set to the remarkable Carbon Fibre gift box, whatever your budget, you will find a business gift in our collection to match it. Each gift box comes in a variety of sizes, while you also have the choice of opting for premium plain or gourmet filled dates.