Taste of Distinction

A Bateel date is a promise of quality. As the world’s only gourmet date grower, producer and seller, every step reflects this commitment.

The Seven Types of Dates We Use

We take great pride in our overarching organic ethos and continue to innovate, using unique agricultural methods for the best yields. Then, even after harvesting, our meticulous production process ensures that yours is the only bare hand that ever touches a date, adding a touch of exclusivity.

Bateel presents over 20 premium, organic varieties to choose from, including its own world-exclusive Wanan range. Visit our boutiques to discover a world of gourmet dates.


Known as the ‘holy date’, Ajwa is a revered variety associated with centuries-old Islamic faith. Grown exclusively in the Saudi Arabian city of Madinah, the dates feature a mildly sweet flesh with a raisin-like texture and dark brown to black skin. Ajwa are often limited in supply, adding to its exclusivity.


The most renowned Bateel variety, the Khidri date delights with a chewy texture and sweet taste that is suggestive of raisins with a deep aftertaste. Originating in Egypt, the variety also stands out for its larger size and dark maroon-red skin.


Commonly served with Arabic coffee as a sign of traditional hospitality, the Kholas date has a mildly sweet, toffee flavour. This variety can be enjoyed at all stages of maturity – whether balah (unripe), rhutab (semi-ripe) or tamr (fully-ripe). It has a smooth golden brown, semi-translucent skin.


One of the world’s most popular varieties, Medjool dates are also known as California-style dates. The large dates are deep brown on the outside with thick, amber-coloured flesh. It presents a distinctive caramel flavour with a creamy, lingering aftertaste.


With its striking multi-hued appearance and oblong shape, Segai dates are easily distinguishable. Native to Saudi Arabia, the variety features a firm yellow rim on top that’s reminiscent of warm brown sugar, while the brown base is soft and mildly sweet.


Staying true to its name – the Arabic word for ‘sweet’ – Sokari is also known as the ‘royal date’. It’s available in both soft and hard varieties, with the latter featuring crystallised sugars for a crisp, caramel bite that is complemented by the mild sugary flesh.


A Bateel world exclusive, the Wanan is a delight to true date connoisseurs. Its appearance is both long and cone-shaped, with dark, wrinkled skin. It’s similar in taste to the classic Khidri but is slightly sweeter and deliciously satisfying.

The Khidri, Kholas, Segai and Wanan varieties are also available dipped in rich chocolate or with a variety of fillings, such as premium candied fruits and nuts.

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