Bateel is the proud nutrition partner of Nelly Attar, award winning mountaineer and athlete set to conquer the magnificent K2 - the ‘savage mountain’.

Nelly’s passion for health and nutrition goes beyond her choice of food during her extensive training but a reflection of her lifestyle. A staple in Nelly’s household while growing up and a part of her family tradition, Bateel date products will be fuelling her exciting journey.

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Raised in Saudi, Nelly has been named one of the Top Muslim Women in Sports. Nelly’s training involves intense load and distance as well as long hours on her feet. Dates contain natural antioxidants, which reduce inflammation, aiding in long journeys and challenges.

“The climb doesn’t start now, it started the day I decided to attempt K2” - Nelly Attar.

Championing health and nutrition, Bateel continues to innovate creating energy fueled superfood products with our organic dates at the heart of every recipe. Bateel takes great pride in supporting local talent from the region, powering athletes through their personal journeys.

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