The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Dates

February 17, 2021

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As the fruit of the date palm – hailed as the ‘tree of life’ by ancient civilisations – dates enjoy a long and lasting legacy. While the exact origin of the date palm remains shrouded in mystery, research proves it has been cultivated as early as 4000BC, and quickly took root in different parts of the world. As it spread across the Middle East, ancient bedu relied on the tree and its nourishing fruits for shelter and food amidst the harsh desert setting.

As a storied fruit that has enticed generations, the date fruit is small, oval-shaped and wonderfully sweet. In the Middle East, dates are harvested in summer when the warm sunshine casts its golden glow across its groves.

Farmers climb the date palms to carefully handpick each fruit – this exceptional Bateel process is repeated several times each season, ensuring that dates are only picked when perfectly ripe. Bateel is committed to organic, sustainable farming and avoids the use of harmful pesticides, which ensures that every date reflects the goodness of nature.


Dates are a healthy, guilt-free treat to add to your daily diet, packed with essential vitamins and minerals, and renowned for being an exceptional source of fibre. With its high levels of natural sugars, it’s a great source of energy – which is also why millions of Muslims around the world break their daily fast with a date during the holy month of Ramadan.

Best enjoyed in moderation, having three to five dates a day is recommended by nutritionists thanks to its admirable health benefits. Wondering how to eat fresh dates? The fruit can be eaten whole, so peeling its delicate skin is not necessary – just be mindful to avoid the hard pit.

You can eat dates at any time of the day and, while delicious on its own, the fruits can also be used as a natural substitute to refined white sugar in a variety of recipes. Add it to your favourite fruit smoothies, a morning bowl of oatmeal, or enjoy dates with premium nuts for a post-gym workout snack in the afternoon.



Fresh dates can be savoured straight from the tree and are deliciously soft and creamy, though few people are afforded the chance to enjoy this privilege. At Bateel’s fertile groves, the dates are collected, carefully sorted and gently cleaned before being packaged and transported to Bateel Boutiques around the world. Every step of the process is meticulously thought out to guarantee fine quality, freshness and exclusivity – and that the first bare hand to ever touch a Bateel date is yours.

The fresh dates available at Bateel Boutique are best consumed right away, but can also be kept refrigerated for up to six months in order to retain its flavour. In comparison, dried dates can last for years but it’s taste and texture diminishes over long periods of time.

The Bateel Boutique presents over 20 varieties of premium, organic dates, including Ajwa, Kholas, Khidri, Medjool, Sokari, Segai and the exclusive Wanan ranges. Gourmands are also impressed by Café Bateel’s creations, where talented chefs incorporate dates to signature dishes in a variety of new and innovative ways. Remember to end your meal with a steaming cup of qahwa (coffee), served ceremoniously with a fresh Kholas date that’s soft, sticky and almost toffee-like in flavour – it’s a mark of Arabian hospitality and one of the many ways Café Bateel continues to honour tradition.

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