Oman National Day Gifts

Take pride in the celebrations of Oman National Day

November 18th is a special date in the calendar of the Sultanate of Oman. Every year there is a dual celebration on this day. The date coincides with the birthday of Oman’s present leader as well as the country’s National Day. From fashion and food to car decorations and other festivities, there is something for everyone to commemorate the day. A box full of premium filled dates from Bateel will make for a perfect gift on Oman National Day. Stuffed with the goodness of dried fruits and nuts, these date-infused treats are a great choice for gifting.

With a legacy spanning 83 years, Bateel is renowned for being the sole grower, producer and seller of gourmet dates across the globe. Bateel offers over 20 varieties of organic dates, grown exclusively in a natural, optimal environment ensuring supreme taste and quality. To add a luxurious touch, you can choose from their extensive collection of handcrafted wooden gift boxes and packaging. Available in a variety of designs and sizes, the wooden gift boxes beautifully complement premium filled dates.