Gourmet Drinks

Sparkling Beverages

A refreshing fusion of natural sweetness and effervescence.
Crafted from the finest dates, these beverages offer a unique and indulgent taste experience,
perfect for those seeking a healthier and non-alcoholic alternative to traditional sparkling drinks.

Appetizing Gourmet Drinks by Bateel

Bateel offers indulgent gourmet drinks that include a rich collection of sparkling juice, coffee and tea blends. It doesn’t matter if you are a coffee or tea lover. A smooth, rich and full-roasted blend of 100% whole Arabica coffee beans as well as full-flavoured Qahwa coffee is available. Your morning cup of Bateel’s finest blend will say a lot about you. Bateel’s assortment of exquisite tea blends is an absolute delight to the senses. Brew a tea bag to enjoy rich and flavoursome notes and light undertones of this delightful drink. It can be served with milk, sugar, honey or lemon, but it will also be equally delicious when served as it is.

Bateel’s unique sparkling beverages made from apple and finest dates or apple and pomegranates would be a perfect thirst-quenching refreshment, especially when served chilled. Original packaging of Bateel’s gift sets will make them a heartfelt present for a friend or a business partner.