Natural Syrups & Preserves

Bateel's array of date infused spreads, syrups and jams are a luscious blend of
premium ingredients, expertly crafted to elevate your taste experience.

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Pure All-Natural Honey by Bateel

Bees give Bateel their honey – an all-natural and healthy treat. The sweet gift comes directly from Bateel’s beekeepers to you. A jar of honey provides an indulgent treat to your taste palate. Every jar of honey by Bateel is of excellent quality and retains the flavours of the blossom it has been gathered from. Drizzle some of our honey on your morning toast to feel the distinctive and sweet aroma of acacia, linden, verbena and lemon.

Honey is highly versatile and can be simply added to a cup of your favourite tea or while cooking other delicacies. A set of three amazing all-natural honey jars will allow you to experiment by adding differently-flavoured honey to various food and drinks. Top it off with Bateel’s elegant packaging and it would make a wonderful gift for your colleagues, friends or family.