Chinese New Year Gifts

Celebrate good fortune with elegant Chinese New Year gifts

Bateel pays homage to the Chinese tradition of gifting during the highly-anticipated festival with an exclusive gift range. Honouring the unique tradition of gift-giving and sharing tokens of good fortune, Bateel proudly celebrates the Chinese New Year with an elegant collection filled with gourmet organic dates. Cultivated using sustainable farming practices, every Bateel date is a promise of quality.

To make each gift special, fill your bespoke packaging from a selection of organic plain dates, filled dates, or an assortment of both. Bateel’s filled dates features premium fillings using the finest ingredients, such as candied orange peel, candied lemon and roasted nuts. Available in a selection of sizes, this luxurious collection is fully customisable.

Effortlessly combining innovative design with exceptional quality and fine flavour, perfect to gift to your parents, family and friends or for corporate gifting.