Arabian New Year Gifts

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Delicious dates for a healthy new year

Islamic New Year is celebrated on the first day of the month of Muharram. The beginning of the Islamic calendar year symbolises peace and reflection for practicing Muslims around the world. It is the perfect time to encourage your colleague, friend or family to move ahead for living a healthier life in the next year. This year, exchange gifts in the form of delicious yet healthy dates from Bateel.

Bateel is the sole grower, producer and seller of premium gourmet dates. Offering up to 20 date varieties, Bateel cultivates the dates in a natural, optimal environment ensuring no chemical exposure. Owing to this organic growing method, these dates retain the original flavours of the date fruit. In order to make a grand statement, choose from Bateel’s handcrafted wooden gift boxes to preserve the rich and refreshing taste of date fruits. Conveniently available in a range of sizes, take your pick from the many design variants offered by Bateel. Even the most experienced date connoisseur is sure to be impressed with the exclusive date varieties and premium fillings.