Dates with Milk Benefits – Myth or Truth?

September 12, 2022

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The sweet fruit of the date palm tree, dates, contains high nutritional value. Offering a range of essential nutrients, dates are rich in vitamins, minerals, and protein similar to milk. A combination of dates and milk offers extra protein content and calcium, which is beneficial for bone density and muscle health. Milk with dates is a very popular combination as it is considered as a nutritious drink to include in the daily diet. It is believed to help in insomnia, weight loss, muscle and bone health.

Although the beneficial effects of milk and dates individually are very well known, the effect of consuming both substances combined has been reviewed from time to time.

Does milk inhibit iron absorption?

It has been raised that milk prevents iron absorption, that is why the combination of dates and milk has no benefits. There is a controversial view stating that, calcium from milk deters iron absorption, and such a grouping of nutrients may not be healthy in the long run. Several studies have been conducted to examine the influence of calcium on iron, and dates with milk on haemoglobin. Which proved that there is no adverse effects of  drinking milk with dates.

According to a research aimed to understand the effect of calcium on iron absorption, calcium supplements are unlikely to have a biologically significant impact in people belonging to different age groups. Another semi-experimental study showed that dates can be helpful to treat iron deficiency anaemia in children. Increased haemoglobin, haematocrit, and serum ferritin levels were found in school children who were given dates on a daily basis for two months.


What is the influence of dates with milk on haemoglobin?

Haemoglobin is an iron-rich protein found in blood responsible for enriching body cells with oxygen.  To analyse the influence of milk and dates on the haemoglobin count of a person, a study comprised of 20 people within various age groups was conducted. Dates were soaked in milk and boiled for a certain amount of time. Each person was given a fixed quantity of the concoction early in the morning on an empty stomach. The results of this 10-days study turned out to be positive.

All people involved had a healthier haemoglobin level than earlier based on the age group of the person. People aged 18-40 years had a greater increase than those falling in the age group of 40-55 years. This method of drinking dates boiled in milk will boost the haemoglobin levels thus improving health condition. Pregnant women can also benefit by including dates with milk in their diet. This combination contains natural sugars and provides good nutrition during pregnancy. Consuming dates in late pregnancy is effective in decreasing length of labour processes as well. It is recommended for pregnant women to consult with their doctors before adding it to their diet.

Consuming a reasonable quantity of dates with milk does not have any negative effects. On the contrary, it is proven to increase the haemoglobin levels and works as an energy booster. It is advisable to drink this healthy blend during breakfast on an empty stomach to reap its benefits.

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