Dates with dried fruits

Delight in Bateel organic dates filled with a selection of delicious candied fruits.
  1. 喜得利蜜饯柠檬皮椰枣
    $70.00 每千克
  2. 喜得利蜜饯橙皮椰枣
    $70.00 每千克
  3. 蜜饯生姜喜得利椰枣
    $70.00 每千克

An exquisite gourmet delicacy, Bateel organic dates are filled with premium candied fruits offering a distinct flavour combination. The orange and lemon peel fillings feature a citrus-sweet flavour profile whilst the spicy-sweet crystallised ginger root combined with dates adds an unconventional taste.

Bateel dates are 100% organic, vegan and healthy. Paired with a variety of candied fruit, this treat is light in calories. Compared to dates filled with nuts, dates stuffed with candied fruits contains less proteins but is rich in fiber which helps control cholesterol and blood sugar level.