Gourmet Products

  1. Date Dhibs - Classic
  2. Date Dhibs - Vanilla
  3. Arabica Coffee Beans

Make Every Meal a Wonderful Experience

Treat yourself to a rich assortment of Bateel gourmet products—accurately prepared and expertly presented results of hard work, tradition and inspiration of Bateel’s team of fine craftspeople. Add a few drops of all-natural Bateel olive oil with a subtle blend of balsamic vinegar to your dish for a delicious gastronomic journey. Bateel’s considerable variety of appetizing condiments will enhance the flavour of your dish and become an indispensable part of your table. Our gourmet products are the perfect accompaniment to our Signature Collection of gourmet date gift boxes.

Bateel honey comes directly from Bateel’s beekeepers to you. Moreover, it would be a brilliant idea to start your day with some Bateel dhibs or jam on toast or treat yourself to a serving of flapjacks deliciously adorned with date dhibs. You can always add some nuts or dried fruits if you want to make your favourite recipe perfect. Bateel’s dried fruits are low in calories and fats, and are a source of simple sugars, fibre, calcium, zinc, and manganese.