Premium Gourmet Dates

  1. 阿吉瓦椰枣
    US$ 81.00 每千克
  2. 索卡丽椰枣
    US$ 48.00 每千克
  3. 美卓椰枣
    US$ 37.00 每千克
  4. 塞盖椰枣
    US$ 48.00 每千克
  5. 霍拉斯椰枣
    US$ 48.00 每千克
  6. 喜得利椰枣
    US$ 48.00 每千克
  7. 瓦南椰枣
    US$ 48.00 每千克

来自 Bateel 的美味优质椰枣

Bateel 精选椰枣,让您陶醉其中。 We grow our own date varieties, ensuring they are grown in their natural and optimal environment. Owing to their organic growing method, Bateel gourmet dates are not exposed to any chemicals.这意味着,您可以品尝到枣果的最新鲜和最好的天然风味。

From the delightfully chewy and sweet Khidri dates, to the sumptuous toffee-flavoured Kholas dates, you won't find such premium delightful delicacies anywhere else.我们生产多个系列的夹心椰枣,带来非凡的味觉体验。 If you are looking for the ultimate gift, opt for one of our luxury wooden boxes.即使是最有经验的椰枣鉴赏家,也一定会对这些优质椰枣产品印象深刻。