Ramadan Gifts


A Bateel luxury date is packed with large servings of essential minerals and compounds, making it a healthy source of energy.今天,国际研究证明这些强大的健康特质使其成为真正的超级食品。 When only the best gifts will do, our exclusive Ramadan gift collection is exactly what you need.

We have beautiful luxury gift boxes available, including the exclusive Arabian Night which features splendid hand-painted glass for a colourful, unique effect. We also have a range of exquisite Ramadan gifts featuring the Ramadan Kareem greeting, such as the sophisticated Arabesque which features colourful geometric patterns on a majestic white backdrop. Feel free to choose from our Ramadan-inspired gift packaging and take your pick from premium plain or gourmet filled dates.您可以肯定您的至亲会为这些美味的椰枣感到高兴。