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  1. 萨拉礼盒
    Bateel’s Choice
    From US$ 222.00
  2. 花神礼盒
    Bateel’s Choice
    From US$ 214.00
  3. Pink Wood
    From US$ 52.00
  4. 抽象礼盒
    From US$ 93.00
  5. 胶囊礼盒
    From US$ 126.00
  6. 黑木礼盒
    From US$ 107.00
  7. 卡瓦咖啡礼盒
    Out of stock
    US$ 137.00
  8. 绿木礼盒
    From US$ 96.00
  9. 碳纤维礼盒
    From US$ 123.00

17 Items

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Give the gift of health with pride

Get the ultimate present for your near and dear ones - Bateel premium dates packed in stylish and luxurious wooden gift boxes. Each box has been handcrafted to guarantee exceptional quality and design. Containing premium, organic dates to indulge in, this gift box can be treasured for later use as well. Take your time in choosing the design you prefer along with the size. You will hence get the choice to fill the box with an assortment of dates, premium plain dates, or premium filled dates.

Not only are our premium dates delicious, they are also packed full of healthy goodness. Dates contain a generous amount of nutrients and are virtually fat-free. Treat a loved one to one of these superb wooden gift boxes of premium dates. Bateel dates are considered some of the best in the world, providing a distinctive and luxurious taste.