Eid Al Adha Gifts

  1. 椰枣芥末
    US$ 15.00


本年度第二个开斋节体现了分享的精神。这是一个与朋友和家人为即将到来的庆祝活动交换礼物的时刻。儿童和成人都可以享受美味的甜点。 In Arabian culture, premium gourmet dates make for a delightful and healthy gift appreciated by all.

World-renowned for being the only gourmet date grower, producer and seller, Bateel offers delicious luxury dates with the finest fillings available in elegant wooden gift boxes and packaging. Bateel's dates are cultivated in an environment resembling their natural setting.这椰枣采用 100% 有机种植,富含多种营养物质,口感非凡。Bateel 的特色开斋节典藏系列将成为您为同事,朋友或家人带来的一份贴心礼物。您可以根据自己的喜好选择任意一款豪华木质礼盒及套装。也可以选择不同的内含产品,包括夹心系列。 You can also customise your gift and get it delivered directly at the door of the recipient.